Riding Lesson Programs -
Lessons for all levels

Optional Participation in Crimson Acres Horse Show -

Equipment Needed

  • ASTM approved hard hat with chin harness (provided)

  • Comfortable fitting jeans or slacks

  • Sturdy shoes or boots with heels

  • Riding boots and breeches are optional but great if you have them

  • Please dress appropriately for the weather

Farm Office

The farm office is open daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays at (978) 575-0341. Please feel free to call us during this time to discuss your lesson, schedule, progress or other concerns.
 We are happy to speak with you.

Recommended Levels

#1  Rider has never ridden before.

#2  Rider is able to lead horse, walk, rein through obstacles, halt, mount correctly, know safety rules and is starting to jog/trot with assistance

#3  Rider is able to walk and jog/trot independently both sitting and posting, can trot a single cross rail and is familiar with diagonals.

#4  Rider is able to walk, jog/trot, lope canter independently, knows diagonals, is familiar with leads and can jump a course of cross rails at the trot or canter, is able to complete a western riding or reigning pattern.

#5  Rider can walk, jog/trot, lope/canter independently, knows leads, can perform simple lead changes and jump a course of fences.

#6  Rider is comfortable at all gaits on the flat, can jump a 8-10 fence course with turns and can perform bending and leg yielding exercises and is familiar with flying lead changes.  Is able to execute the western riding pattern and two reining patterns demonstrating rollbacks, spins, and lead changes.

Crimson Acres is a working equestrian center that
provides  a safe educational environment. Our programs
allow individuals of all ages and abilities to develop, learn,
grow and enjoy a recreational experience.


16 Daniel Shays Highway, Orange, MA


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